• Dophin LED101 Aqua Led Spotlight
  • Dophin LED101 Aqua Led Spotlight

RM 30.00

Dophin LED101 Aqua Led Spotlight

Brand: Dophin

Measurement: L 19CM X W 15CM X H 6CM

Submersible LED spotlight
180 rotation
For Aquarium Lighting and Ornaments use
Low voltage, safe to use
Suitable for freshwater and marine use.

Important Safety Instructions:
1. Unplug the power cord when installing or servicing
2. Be careful not to let all electrical connecting point get wet.
3. When use in ornament, remove the light holder
4. It is possible to have drops of water appear on the lens during use, it is safe and will not affect performance.

Delivery detail: 1 to 30 working days

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