• GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Pearls
  • GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Pearls

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GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Pearls

Brand : GlasGarten

Mineral Junkie Pearls
Complementary feed for Invertebrates (Shrimp, Snails, Crayfish/Crabs)
Minerals are vital for the inverts in our aquaria. They cannot be produced by the organism itself but need to be taken in with the food. You can provide your aquarium inverts with all the minerals they need with the Mineral Junkie Pearls. These pearls contain inorganic minerals as well as minerals that are organically bound and prevent mineral deficiencies, which, in shrimp and other crustaceans, often cause molting problems, slow growth and a high mortality rate especially amongst the juveniles.

Snails can be given the Mineral Junkie Pearls to prevent holes from forming in their shells. Snails also grow better when they are supplied with an ample amount of minerals, and their shells tend to be smoother and stronger.

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