• SERA PO4-Test (Phosphate-Test)

RM 62.00

SERA PO4-Test (Phosphate-Test)

Brand: SERA
Measurement: L 9CM X H 14CM X W 4CM

In natural unpolluted water, we can find phosphate levels of up to 1.0 mg/l. In aquariums or garden ponds, concentrations of 10.0 mg/l or more are usual.

Both fish waste and feeding are possible causes for phosphate introduction into the water. A part is taken up as a nutrient by plants, an excess, however, provides nutrition for unwanted algae. The sera PO4-Test quickly and easily provides an overview of current phosphate levels. Excess phosphate is easy to remove with sera phosvec (freshwater) or sera phosvec Granulat (fresh and marine water) or sera pond phosvec (pond).

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