• Air Plant - Tillandsia bandensis
  • Air Plant - Tillandsia bandensis

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Air Plant - Tillandsia bandensis

Tillandsia bandensis (bahn-DEN-sis) is one of the miniature species (subgenus Diaphoranthema) and while common in nature, is rare in cultivation. It hangs upside down in clumps and is distichous (leaves grow in a two dimensional plane opposite each other). Beautiful, bright blue flowers. We offer clumps of this, not individual plants,and the clumps are great value for the size of the clump.

Care Instructions
Sun: Bright, indirect or filtered light
Water: Mist frequently, occasionally dunk under water allowing water to fully drain from base
Temperature: 50-90 degrees, best grown indoors in most of the country
Dormancy: none needed
Delivery detail: 1-3 business days

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