• Air plant - Tillandsia ionantha ‘Honduras’
  • Air plant - Tillandsia ionantha ‘Honduras’

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Air plant - Tillandsia ionantha ‘Honduras’

Tillandsia ionantha ‘Honduras’ is one of the largest growing varieties of Tillandsia ionantha. As with other plants of this species, it has the unique trait in which its leaves will turn bright red just before its bright purple bloom, in order to attract hummingbirds for pollination. In its native range of Honduras, it can sometimes be found growing on sandy beaches. These plants are around 2-3” tall on average when mature with an upright vase type form that opens outward at the top and are known to easily form clusters.

Care Instructions
Sun: Bright, indirect or filtered light
Water: Mist frequently, occasionally dunk under water allowing water to fully drain from base
Temperature: 50-90 degrees, best grown indoors in most of the country
Dormancy: none needed
Delivery detail: 1-3 business days

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