• Air plant - Tillandsia Ionantha Rosita
  • Air plant - Tillandsia Ionantha Rosita

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Air plant - Tillandsia Ionantha Rosita

Tillandsia Ionantha 'Rosita'

The name "Rosita" seems to be a name "羅西塔" which refers to a similar rose, which is the name created by commercial sale, which belongs to the incubator for sale in a commercial sale, born in Mexico. In Oaxaca, which is about 2,000 metres above the oak tree, the plant is of a very delicate nature, with a silky a, which belongs to a native variant of air, and the old circulation name is t. Ionantha 'Rosita', stocks-hours look with other t. Ionantha doesn't have too much difference, but after growing up, the stocks base is a very valuable spectator, and a few of the small elves who don't bloom will grow up, but the leaves are like a flower, and they're small and medium. At the time of the blossom, the marriage was a bright red color, a purple tube.

Care Instructions
Sun: Bright, indirect or filtered light
Water: Mist frequently, occasionally dunk under water allowing water to fully drain from base
Temperature: 50-90 degrees, best grown indoors

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