• Air Plant - Tillandsia Ionantha Thick leaf
  • Air Plant - Tillandsia Ionantha Thick leaf

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Air Plant - Tillandsia Ionantha Thick leaf

The Tillandsia are odd little plants. They have no stems, they have no roots, and their leaves don't look anything at all like leaves. Oh, and they require no soil at all, either, and don't live in the ground. And they are related to . . . pineapples.

Extremely easy to grow and propagate as a single plant can grow into a nice multi-plant cluster in just a few seasons.

Single clump - Min will have 3plant. Will have some broken leaf due to clump nature.

Care Instructions
Sun: Bright, indirect or filtered light
Water: Mist frequently, occasionally dunk under water allowing water to fully drain from base
Temperature: 50-90 degrees, best grown indoors in most of the country
Dormancy: none needed
Delivery detail: 1-3 business days

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