• Tillandsia Tectorum small size

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Tillandsia Tectorum small size

Tillandsia tectorum is one of the most exquisite species. The trichomes are so large and such a bright white! The inflorescence is purple with astor-violet blooms the whole of which contrasts well with the white, fuzzy leaves. Tillandsia tectorum likes to be watered in a drier climate, more that one would think. However, this is a difficult species to grow in a hot, humid climate like Florida or South East Asia.Keep it in an area where it can be dry between waterings and/or make sure it gets lots of air.

Care Instructions
Sun: Bright, indirect or filtered light
Water: Mist frequently, occasionally dunk under water allowing water to fully drain from base
Temperature: 50-90 degrees, best grown indoors in most of the country
Dormancy: none needed
Approximate size:- 2inch x 2inch x 1.5inch(H)
Delivery detail: 1-3 business days

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