• isi Twist N Sparkle
  • isi Twist N Sparkle
  • isi Twist N Sparkle
  • isi Twist N Sparkle

RM 280.00

isi Twist N Sparkle

Authentic, fresh and customized carbonated drinks at the twist of a wrist. Carbonate your fruit juices, iced teas and more for a healthy and delicious drink. You can even add fizz to your favorite cocktails and wine. Simply pour in your favorite chilled beverage, insert the soda charger and twist the wand for fizzy drinks.

Minimize your carbon footprint. Make your own sparkling water and drinks at home and cut back on packaging waste and transportation costs from store-bought sodas. The Twist ‘N’ Sparkle doesn’t use electricity or batteries. It features a reusable and recyclable PET/PEN bottle and cap, and it’s BPA-free. iSi soda chargers are also recyclable. Made in Hungary.
 Manufacturer: iSi® North America Inc
 Care: Hand wash
 Capacity: 3 - 4 cups
 Dimensions: 3½" x 11¾"
 Material: Stainless steel and plastic
 Made in Hungary
 Carbonate fruit juices, iced tea, cocktails, win


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