• Cloud Plate Set
  • Cloud Plate Set
  • Cloud Plate Set
  • Cloud Plate Set

RM 85.00

Cloud Plate Set

Our Parawoodland products are made of wood from a rubber tree. But worry not! Rubber trees have an economic life span of 30 years by which time, they will be taken down. Instead of having the trunks go to waste, these renewable resources are used to make our Parawoodland products.

• Food safe
• Durable
• Light-weight
• Naturally anti-bacterial
• Ecologically friendly
• Bio-degradable

Plate Measurement: 7.8" (h) x 9.9" (w)
Incl. fork and spoon.

Care instruction:
Hand wash with soap water and pat dry with clean cloth after use. Do not submerge in water for too long.

Delivery detail:
3-5 working days.

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