• Puzzle: Colorful Malaysia

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Puzzle: Colorful Malaysia

Malaysia is a nation founded on agriculture, thus maintaining many of its original faith, in particular the ethnic strong religious overtones. Its religion is a fusion of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, as a result of multi-ethnic long-term common life, the formation of a multi-cultural characteristics. In the capital Kuala Lumpur is full of towering skyscrapers, but it is not difficult to find hundreds of years old traditional stores, old and new staggered buildings, side by side.

Size: 72.80 (w) x 30.80 (h) cm
Material: Plastic

Special features as stated below:
– Exquisite Print
– Water Proof
– No glue needed
– Patented Hinge
– Snug Interlocking
– Exquisite Packaging
– Vibrant colours

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