• Raya Set B
  • Raya Set B
  • Raya Set B
  • Raya Set B
  • Raya Set B

RM 65.00

Raya Set B

RAYA SET is a special designed set for collectable or as a gift to Malay friends. The artwork in this collection is related to our Malaysia culture especially Malay. In Malaysia we celebrate different type of New Year. Hari Raya is one of the big celebration and everyone will go back to their kampung to celebrate. We include a kampung house pop up card for you to celebrate with your friends.

Total Products: 13
1. Pop Up Postcard: A Tale of Kampung House
2. Acrylic Keychain: Malay Traditional Taste
3. Postcards x5
4. Magnetic Badges x5
5. Mini Puzzle: Colorfull Wau

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