• Chamos Acaci Vita C Powder

RM 48.00

Chamos Acaci Vita C Powder

What it is

100% natural fruits vitamin powder which is effective for whitening and leaving skin fresh and at the same time, refines skin tones effectively.

What it does:

Antioxidant and brightening effect.

It is stabilized Vitamin C 100% powders.
A concentrates for skin whitening
High-performance formula with powerful natural brightening actives
Penetrates skin quickly to eradicate dark spots and brighten skin
Discourages formation of dark spots
Promotes skin brightening by reducing the cause of darkening
Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, age spots and freckles
Provides intensive moisture to skin
Leaves skin soft and luminous
Concentrated emulsion targets spots and blemishes
Helps to even out skin tone
Reduces the appearance of dark spots caused by sun exposure and aging
Brightens and hydrates
Easily absorbed by skin
Promotes long-lasting skin translucence
Suitable for all skin types

Main Features

It suppresses generating enzyme of

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