• Juliana Francoise BB Collagen serum 15ml

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Juliana Francoise BB Collagen serum 15ml

Juliana Francoise BB Collagen Serum

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The fountain of youth may not exist, but with constant innovation in the beauty industry skin care products that can help you regain healthy and youthful skin cells are now at hand’s reach. Introduced by JF Beauty, the BB series serum consists of BB collagen serum, BB serum and BB moist serum, each providing different nourishments for the facial skin. Apply a few drops of BB collagen serum to see instant improvement in skin firming, BB serum for lifting and hydrating effects, or BB moist serum for immediate hydration boost for your facial skin.

Nobel Laureate’s Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) solves the riddle of BB Skin. Clinically proven, it provides instant skin uplifting and firming effects, transforms skin into youthful and vibrant, also helps transform ageing skin to white-smooth youthful complexion. Proprietary French Formula and actives rapidly reach the melanin layer, reduce uneven skin tone and pigments, repairs fr

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