• [SECRET KEY] Nature Recipe Mask Pack Pearl 20g Elastic skin

RM 16.90

[SECRET KEY] Nature Recipe Mask Pack Pearl 20g Elastic skin

Pomegranete Mask pack soothes tired skin with contained Pomegranate extract.
Anthocyanin and polyphenol are contained in the pomegranate, which help to keep your skin firm.

Aloe Mask Pack moisturizes dry skin with contained Aloe extracts
Aloe has an exceptional effect on calming and moisturizing the skin.

Honey Mask Pack firms and soothes the rough skin with contained Honey extracts.
Honey has full of vitamins, amino acids and various minerals, so it helps to make skin firm and smooth.

Pearl Mask Pack helps brighen up the dark, desiccate skin with contained Pearl extracts.
Pearl has ampoule amount of amino acids and mineral inside, so it brightens up and vitalizes lifeless skin.

How to use>

1. Cleanse your skin with basic cosmetic products after washing your face

2. Pull out the mask and open it up

3. If you have sensitive skin, test it on the back of your hand

4. Adhere the sheet on your face

5. Wait for 15~20 minutes

6. Tap the remainig serum after deraching the

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