• Aventurine - Boho Wrapped Crystal Necklace
  • Aventurine - Boho Wrapped Crystal Necklace

RM 54.00

Aventurine - Boho Wrapped Crystal Necklace

A bohemian-styled long necklace with wrapped stone

A handmade necklace; each tumbled stone is wrapped and tied up properly with a coloured wax cord. Each stone is unique and has its own healing properties.

Aventurine: Stone of prosperity, the Aventurine stone not only promotes abundance but also strengthens friendship. Like the Amethyst stone, it also helps a person to enhance the areas of creativity and imagination.


Care instruction:
Avoid direct contact with water or chemical products e.g. soap, perfume, abrasive products. Do not wear jewellery when in the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna/steam room or while bathing or showering.

Delivery detail:
4 - 5 working days

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